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By nature, walls are barriers, and by nature, we’re uncomfortable boxed in. So how do you reconcile the need for shelter with the need for wide open spaces?

Answer: By opening up the exterior walls with window arrangements and by eliminating unnecessary interior walls. In these examples the living, dining and kitchen areas equally share the pleasures of outdoors and indoors.
Think of your home as two different zones. Zone 1 is private-bedrooms and baths. You need walls there. Think of Zone 2 as public, rooms where you gather with family and friends to eat, relax and converse. Now ask yourself, how many walls in zone 2 do you really need? Chances are you could lower or bring down some of those barriers to expand views and a feeling of openness.

When it comes to the blending the design and implementation of your dreams and our remodeling services, SquareFoot Construction is Lexington, KY’s go-to team. Our team is ready to sit down and discuss your remodeling ideas with you. We find that in many cases when remodeling an existing structure, or designing home additions, home owners have some great ideas, but might not be aware of some of the newest, latest design innovations that can take their ideas to the next level. That’s where we come in! When we’re your design partners our remodeling services will exceed your greatest expectations!

"After" shot of the finished basement in Lexington, KY.

Palomar Area Basement Remodel

This home on the South side of Lexington had an unfinished basement space. Rather than using it as a catch-all storage space, the owners wanted to convert it to a value-adding finished living space See more!

Kitchen remodel in Firebrook area, Lexington, KY

Firebrook Area Remodel

Here is a kitchen and entertaining space remodel performed in the Firebrook neighborhood of Lexington. We gutted the entire space and created an elegant, comfortable area homeowners and guests love See more!

Basement remodel in Lexington, KY

Woodford County Basement Remodel

Here's another basement remodel in Woodford County, KY. We took it from a nondescript, blank canvas to a luxurious entertainment space these homeowners' guests will love See more!

Beamont, Lexington, KY basement entertaining space

Beaumont Area Basement Remodel

This unfinished basement in the Beaumont area of Lexington, KY showed untapped potential. SquareFoot Construction came in and transformed it from a drab, wasted space into a well-lit, modern finished basement. Contact us today and get the most out of your home See more!

Chevy Chase Kitchen and Sunroom Remodel Addition

Chevy Chase Remodel

This whole house remodel is in Lexington near Chevy Chase. Built in the late 1960's, it was modernized not only architecturally but also with completely new electric gas and plumbing. We also added 800 square feet of additional living space, including new master suite and bathroom.   See more!

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